With our new frame BITE you will want ride every day to the highests mountains and find a new trails to descend.

This frame don’t have superpowers but will make you fly.

With our new technology we made a simple and clean up tube shock hold with a high resistance to the impacts. This improve the cleary of the frame without problems with other components in the zone of the shock.

The integrated bearings with high performance the shock hold the position without make more friction than the necessary in the points of contact improving the performance of the shock and the riding without worring for the rider. These bearings are anti-mud, anti-water and anti-scratch.

¿You are excited about this new incredible frame and need to see more?

Now, you can check it by our 3D live model below.

¿You want to know more about how this 3D model was maded ?

Continue reading for more exciting information.

This 3D frame model it’s made entirely with Blender (I recommend the program for his versatile to make a lot of things like rendering, animation, modeling, sculpt, texturizing…) from zero. My previous experience in other bike brands gave me experience in the rendering and the 3D modeling and also in the knowledge of the structure, components and more technical things about the bikes. I wanted to share a little example of my skills in general with this project, like 3D modeller, graphic designer and web designer/programmer.

Next, I share the work in Blender and a little captions of the work I done.

When I modeled the bike I want to be inspired in something exciting and adventurous like a trip to a cold mountain, this gave me the idea to make a brand inspired in the north mountains (such Canadian or Alaska mountains), this idea shaped the SNB (Super North Bikes). The 3D model result gave about 324.000 vertices, a very detailed frame to make a well defined renderings but soo much to a live preview 3D platform. For this reason, for the live 3D preview I «Decimated» (lowed vertices/resolution) of the final result and joined all the mesh components in only one.

The material/paint it’s made thinking only for the rendering and no for the 3D view (for this reason the model in the 3D view look with a solid color and no textures), and it’s made using the «Shading Material» and «Nodes» in-built Blender.The frame was rendered with «Cycles» for a more realistic looking (I use «Eevee» only for models will be used in Unity or other types of project, almost with no rendering).

After overlap the design of the graphics and some glitter effects to the paint the result was good and satisfy. I tested various paints and the scheme of blue/turquoise and white was the most right for the first idea I think. For the mid shock I want a familiar look for other brands, so I emulated the similar colors in the market.

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