In Vitam it’s a 2D Roguelike video game with a pixel art graphics done for my final 2D postgraduate degree. The video game mixes a visual old style color pattern with a pixel art like the old school devices.

Controls (Keyboard):
· Sword – Z (Keyboard)
· Sparring – X (Keyboard)(Need to be unlocked it first)
· Health – C (Keyboard)(Need to have potions first)
· Arrows – V (Keyboard)(Need to be unlocked it first)
· Movement – Direction Arrows (Keyboard)


In Vitam was developed thinking about the old generation of consoles and how the imagination made all the work the technology didn’t in the early ages of the players. With this concept in mind I made de Game Design Document (GDD) of a game like the early 2D Roguelike’s and add some personal view to the Mechanics Dynamics Aesthetics (MDA).

The story of In Vitam it’s easy and don’t made any argumental explanation. You’re a resurrected valkyrie who needs to save the kingdom from an evil necromancer closed in his tower using his magic’s abilities to burn all in chaos. The character design it’s simply and classic.

The mechanics includes a top view movement, attack with a sword, sparring, shot arrows, collect pearls, collect and drink health potions, open chests and destroy special stones. This combined with a huge open world map, makes the player curiosity to explore all the levels and resolve multiple puzzles using abilities and strategies.

For the animations of the video game I used Piskel has a primary program. All the animations, sprites and title sets are did with 6 color pattern scheme, this also helped a lot in the process to made the project.

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